Euroclear T2S-system update 7.5.2018

The new custody and settlement system of Euroclear Finland Oy relating to the European wide Target2-securities (T2S) project will be lauched in Finland on 7.5.2018.


SAC's favourable decision concerning the transfer taxes of the employee stock options

The new decision overrules the tax authority’s specified statement applied on the 1st of October 2014, which stated that there will be taxes collected from using the employee stock option rights.


EAM acquires Equatex Finland Oy and changes name

Evli Alexander Management Oy has acquired 100% ownership of Equatex Finland Oy and launches new name Evli Awards Management Oy (EAM).


Changes in IFRS2 accounting for share-based payments

International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has June 20th decided about amendments in the IFRS2 accounting for share-based payments. These changes will come into force at latest on January 1st 2018


Market Abuse Regulation (MAR-19)

EAM offers a wide range of services to its clients also for the MAR reporting related to Incentive plans. If you are interested please contact the managing director Pertti Helaniemi.


Evli Bank Plc to acquire the entire share capital of Evli Alexander Management Oy

Evli Bank Plc, Alexander Group Oy and PPs Ventures Oy have today signed an agreement according to which Evli will purchase the remainder of the joint venture in which it previously had 45% ownership.


An awarding afternoon for comp&ben professionals

Evli Alexander Management (EAM) and Alexander Incentives (AI) are again arranging an annual awarding afternoon for comp&ben professionals. The event will take place on April 28th, 2016.


Mrs Marja Villberg has retired

Mrs Marja Villberg has started a well-deserved retirement after a long career on the 31.12.2015.


Director Compensation with Shares 2016

A yearly growing trend in listed companies is to pay part of the reward for the Board of Directors in company shares.


Delivery of FATCA information possible in the Incentive portal

The US tax officials' (IRS) Fatca guidance regarding additional requirements for identifying US-taxpayers came into act July 1st, 2014.


Director Compensation with Shares 2015

A yearly growing trend in listed companies is to pay part of the reward for the Board of Directors in company shares.


Transfer Tax for options

An analysis of the precise guidance on the taxation of employee stock options released 30.9.2014


EAM / Incentive portal visual upgrade

New Incentive portal participant lay out to be launched


Elisa Sidebras recruited as Project Manager

Elisa Sidebras has been recruited by EAM in early May to start as a Project Manager


EAM launches the all new Incentive portal

EAM has designed and implemented an all new legacy solution for the administration of share based incentive plans


Petri Pehkonen recruited as Director of Operations

Petri Pehkonen recruited as Director of Operations 24.1.2011


EAM acquires the administration business of PCA

PCA Corporate Finance Oy (”PCA”) ja Evli Alexander Management Oy (”EAM”) ovat 30.6.2008 toteuttaneet kaupan, jolla PCA siirtää osakesidonnaisten kannustinjärjestelmien hallinnointiliiketoimintansa EAM:lle.


Legislative change: Real costs are requried for deductability of share rewards

Government Bill 176/2008 proposes harmonization of the IFRS standards and the Act on the Taxation of Business Profits and Income from Professional Activity.


Issuers Agent becomes mandatory

Issuers Agent became mandatory in Finland from the beginning of 2008. Issuers Agent is widely used across Europe.

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